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Let’s Transition LLC

Let’s Transition LLC is located in Mahopac, NY and has a satellite office in Cary, NC. We serve clients across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.


We provide the “white glove” level of service you would expect when you hire an experienced professional to help you align and drive your business forward for success.


Honesty, integrity, and collaboration are at the core of who we are. In addition, we have the grit, commitment and determination to get the job done right, on time, and like it was promised.

IoT Projects

The Customers We Serve and the Challenges They Have

Complex, enterprise grade Internet of Things (IoT) projects are very difficult to engage in and complete successfully. This has to do with uncertainty of customers’ desires and needs, market demand, availability of the technology and skill to pull it all together, and most importantly, the lack of clear, concise return on investment (ROI) model for the project.

Taking all of these factors into account, it is no wonder why so many projects are stuck in the planning and proof of concept phase.

Some of the challenges our clients are currently facing include:

Creating innovative and future-proof solutions for their complicated customer projects such as pandemic management, building management, asset tracking, and connectivity.

Deciding what products and services they should be focusing on, the total addressable market they can realistically address, what will be the investment necessary for success, and the realistic timeframe for success.

Startups that have an idea for solving a critical market challenge and lack the experience to define and implement a strategic plan.

About Carl Pichotta, Founder

Carl is a collaborative, visionary, and strategic leader who offers a depth of experience developing and managing global partnerships with the goal of increasing brand awareness and revenue pipelines. He has extensive talents in sales leadership and revenue generation with the proven ability to consistently exceed targets. Carl is an advocate for partners in all arenas, acting as a liaison with sales, marketing, partner, product, and engineering teams.


By partnering with executives and thought leaders, Carl collaborates to lay a strong foundation before moving forward because a solid base is a necessity to launch successful plans. Those plans embody the vision and wrap it in a strategy that incorporates traditional and interactive marketing, sales, partner enablement, and brand management. By leveraging his network of connections made across his career, Carl is able to maximize results and minimize effort.


When professionalism and expertise matter to your organization, you can trust Carl and Let’s Transition to help you scale smart and reach new heights.


I look forward to beginning a conversation to create a strategy that will exceed your expectations—today and into the future.


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